Become a volunteer?

Are you considering becoming a volunteer at the Zutphen Whisper Boats Foundation and do you live within a radius of 15 km from Zutphen?

You can become a skipper or cashier.

For the first-mentioned position, a minimum of Small Boat License 1 is required or you are prepared to follow a course for this (only after obtaining the boat license and after following practical training you will sail).

The second position does not require a sailing license, but some skill in working with cash register computer systems and pin machines (you will be trained).

  • The sailing season is from April 1 to October 31. There are three departures daily with a fourth departure on Saturdays; also see sailing times.
  • Skippers/cashiers are assigned to a fixed day shift.
  • This means that you are available for sailing/checkout activities at least one fixed day per week and also 2 to 3 times a month at weekends during the entire sailing season.
  • You may be deployed more often if a colleague is ill or unable to work.
  • On every 4isOn Wednesday of the month, all skippers meet in the so-called bar club to practice for the whisper boat choir and to enjoy a meal together.
  • Outside the sailing season we carry out maintenance on the boats in the “Werf”. We appreciate it if you can contribute to this.
  • During the cruise, the skipper tells his “whisper story”; this concerns (historically) striking points along the route. You will receive study material from the Foundation so that you can delve into the history of Zutphen.
  • The Foundation provides clothing (sailing and singing outfit) to the volunteers that you only wear as prescribed.
  • The Foundation asks you to sign a Volunteer Statement when you start working.
  • You will not receive any monetary compensation from the Foundation.

If this seems like a nice way to spend your time and/or if you have any specific questions, please contact us at the email address below:


Rijkenhage 1
7201LP Zutphen